New and improved “Welcome to the Library” letter

I’ve been sending home the same introduction-to-the-library flyer with my students for a few years, and it mostly explained what day of the week children visited the library. But a week ago I read Doug Johnson’s post on A library’s first contact with parents and decided I could do a little more with this opportunity. Here’s the result (it will be a two-sided letter):


Welcome to the RES Library!

Your child’s library day is


Your child will visit the library once a week for “book shopping” and a literature or research skills lesson. He or she will be bringing home two books each week. These books are due back on library day the next week.

Parents and family members are always welcome at the library, and I’m always looking for volunteers to help out! There is more information about the library’s hours and services on the other side of this flyer.

Please stop by the library, call me at 434-2461, or email me at if you ever have any questions or comments. I look forward to meeting you! – Beth Redford, RES Teacher Librarian


Richmond Elementary School Library Information

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is the library open?   7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (closed for lunch, bus duty, and occasional meetings)

Can I check out items from the RES library?   Yes! Parents and guardians can get accounts at the RES library. This is a great thing to do if your child goes through a lot of books, especially new readers who may read several “skinny books” in one week.

What else does the RES library check out besides books?   The RES library also checks out magazines and audiobooks on tape, CD, and Playaway pre-loaded MP3 players.

What other services does the library provide?   The library offers free online books that children can read and listen to at home. Please visit the RES Library website (“Library” tab on the left side of the RES web page at, and scroll down to PebbleGo or TumbleBooks for more information.

How can I get more information about the RES library?    Please visit the library web page (address is above) and the RES Library News Blog at for more information and updates from the library. Thank you for your interest!



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