Easy, fun library videos with Animoto

I’ve read other educators’ praise for Animoto for years, but this week I finally tried it out myself. Animoto is an easy-to-use service that helps you make very professional looking videos from your own pictures, video clips, and text. It provides a wide range of appealing music to use, and there are no copyright issues with using the music and publishing the resulting videos on the Internet — the Animoto website says “All of the music in the Animoto music library is already licensed for you to use so that you do not need to worry about this.” This was a big selling point for me! I used Animoto to make a video tour of my K-4 library. The result is linked below on my school blog, along with an explanation of the student learning that went into making the video clips:

RES Library Video Tour

You can make videos up to 30 seconds long for free and share them from Animoto’s website. An Animoto Plus account costs $5/month or $30/year and includes unlimited length videos and the ability to download them as mp4 files. The quality of my downloaded file wasn’t great, but there are also options to download higher quality and HD versions for a cost.

I was inspired to finally try Animoto by some great library and book-related videos I saw via Twitter in the last few weeks:

Intermediate LMTC Tour by Sarah W @pageintraining over at pageintraining.wordpress.com,

First Read Aloud by Colby Sharp @ColbySharp on the Nerdy Book Club blog, and

Make it Happen with Bookmarks! from Andy Plemmons @plemmonsa on the Barrow Media Center blog

These videos are an easy and relatively quick way to do some great library promotion and advocacy. I’m already getting ideas for my next project!


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