One more reason to have a classroom blog (for yourself!)

SmileLooking at five days worth of smiles is a great way to wrap up the week

This year I have begun to make more of an effort to post regularly on my classroom blog, the RES Library News. I was inspired by a new colleague, Brian Godfrey, who posts a “This Week in PE” slideshow or video every Friday on his excellent blog for my school’s Physical Education program. I’ve always taken a lot of pictures in my PreK-4 library, but I this year I’ve started sitting down every Friday afternoon, putting the best photos into a blog post, and writing up a short summary of the past week. My original intention was to help make the library a more welcoming place by sharing more of what goes on in the library with my school community (families and other teachers). What I didn’t expect was what a positive effect this small investment of time has had on my enjoyment of my job.

I’m a perfectionist, and I find it way too easy to focus on things that didn’t go as well as I would have liked: the lesson where I ran out of time, the technology breakdown in the middle of a busy class, the conversation where I could have been a better listener. This focus is useful when it prompts me to make some changes for the next time around…but sometimes it has left me feeling discouraged at the end of the week. I’ve been finding that writing these blog posts that focus instead on the positives of the last five days has been a big boost to my teacher morale. By the time I’ve finished adding pictures of my students smiling and enjoying themselves in my classroom, and completed writing up a quick description of all the learning that went on, I’m already looking forward to coming back the next Monday so we can do it all again. This is one new practice I am going to try my hardest to keep up with, no matter how busy the school year gets.


4 thoughts on “One more reason to have a classroom blog (for yourself!)

    • Thanks, Bonnie. It has given me such a boost this year. I adore my students and it’s been great to go back each week and look over their joys and successes.

      Glad you like the pic…that was first grade 🙂


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