Free music from YouTube – Dynamic Landscapes Sharing #vted #vsla #tlchat

The information below is from my slide in the Dynamic Landscapes 2014 Smackdown. It was accurate as of May 20, 2014, but Google changes things a lot so it may look different in a month!


YouTube provides royalty-free music for videos. This is a great option for teachers making videos or slideshows, and also for students who want to add their favorite copyrighted popular songs to videos. Instead of telling students “you can’t do that,” this royalty-free music gives teachers an opportunity to show there is music freely available to reuse. Sound too good to be true? The information is below:

how to find it

The music can be a little tricky to find. Here are the steps I’ve used:

  • Sign in to Google
  • Go to YouTube. Find this button at the top of the screen
  • upload
  • Click the gear on the right
  • Pick Video Manager
  • On the left of the screen, pick Creation Tools
  • Pick Audio Library. It should look like this

audio library

Have fun creating!





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