Student Voice is Part of Our Culture @resvt @mmmusdcesu @aasl #stuvoice #vted

Last week the American Association of School Librarians paid me the enormous compliment of naming me as a finalist AASL Social Media Superstar as “an individual who effectively uses one or more social media channels to empower student voice.” A link to the nomination and an explanation of the awards is here: AASL Social Media Superstars.


Student vlogger from a fourth grade classroom at Richmond Elementary School

But here’s the thing: in my school district in rural Vermont I’m just one among many, many educators promoting student voice through the use of social media. From blogs to Twitter to Instagram to YouTube, our educators help students share their lives, their learning, and their questions with the local community and the world beyond. It’s part of our culture and it’s brought amazing connections for our students.

If I individually listed every Twitter feed, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account, Vimeo channel, Facebook page, and other places our students’ voices can be heard, this blog post would go on for pages. Fortunately our district Twitter feed, @mmmusdcesu, collates and shares social media from all nine of our schools. It’s an incredible resource for anyone looking for ways that educators can help students broadcast their authentic voices. The real superstars here are the students; we’re just helping them share.




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